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Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down? 10 Ways to Say “No” to a Digital Strategist

Sara Strube Advertising, Digital media, Sustainability

We’re extremely serious about using digital media to create positive environmental change. Granted this is going to sound cheesy – and like the total sales pitch it is – but we genuinely want to help our clientele succeed. Although trust us when we say: If you don’t need or want it, we’ll gladly forgo making fools of ourselves trying to sell it to you.

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re absolutely ecstatic when a client says yes – and we get to coordinate, launch or manage a targeted branding campaign or redesign.

However, if a campaign doesn’t succeed because we’ve sold a digital media strategy not in sync with a client’s precise needs, our reputation is up toxic creek, so to speak.

Plus these days it often feels like there’s way too fine a line between teenage Facebook stalker and tech savvy sales force. So to help us retain a touch of professional dignity, we’ve come up with a list showcasing how to quickly say “No” to the 350 media sales team.

10 Ways To Say “No” To a Digital Strategist:

  1. No. (boring but effective)
  2. No, thank you. (daycare teachers are really big on this one)
  3. I’m a global ad agency representing a client with a huge advertising budget, and you’re getting none of it. (worst no ever)
  4. We’re an eco start-up with negative marketing dollars, would you like to invest in a pair of fair-trade earrings for your daughter? (how do you not say yes?)
  5. Check back third-quarter 2014 to see about a possible July 2015 website redesign. (duly noted in the Cloud)
  6. We’re restructuring internal marketing dynamic platforms, someone will be in touch. (WTF?)
  7. Nein. (uh, Jawohl, Herr Kommandant)
  8. Dude, I’m quitting my job to protest the Keystone XL pipeline 24/7. My boss said they’d rather not replace me. (sick man)
  9. Thank you for your inquiry. Our office is experiencing technical difficulties due to flooding caused by unusual weather patterns. (sh*t we’ve really got to step this up)
  10. Go plant a tree you Hippie F*@#!

That last one is admittedly a tad harsh, but it’s still an environmentally correct response so we’d probably be OK with it.

Thumbs down? If you’re not feeling it, there’s absolutely no pressure. Thumbs up? If you’re interested in taking 10-min. to chat strategy with someone that understands local community and sustainability inspired digital media better than anyone else in the business, just say yes. And we’ll happily call you up!

Is local community, social responsibility or global sustainability an essential piece of your business? Then please call us at 603.827.3815 …